I laugh in the face of normal

Feedback appreciated

Hi everyone and thanks for following. I’ve been regularly adding new short stories and poems to another blog on here, entitled

I’d love it if you’d read and give your feedback, no matter how good or how critical you want to be. It’s so helpful to me to keep on writing with feedback and critique, as I’m sure you all appreciate. The blogging audience is so great to see whether or not stories and poems work.

I’ve added a series of adult fairy tales, including “The Man Who found out his Wife was a Pixie” and other titles are soon to be added including “The Women who zipped together,” and “Doll Face.” They’re a little bit gothic, sometimes a bit creepy and certainly a bit odd.

My poems are varied. I’ve written a whole series about fairy tale characters in middle age, including a Hansel and Gretel who secretly killed their own parents and a Red Riding Hood who ends up lonely and alone and waiting again for the wolf. They’re not all fairy tale based, but they’re all from the heart.

I’ll keep you updated, but for now, if you find a few minutes, I would so appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks.Feedback


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